James Bovaird: "Cluster Randomized Trials in Education: Lessons Learned, Migraines Overcome, and Crises Averted"

James Bovaird, Ph.D.

Director, Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics
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The Reading Excellence Act passed by Congress in 1998 started a renewed push toward experimentation and random assignment as the foundation for scientifically based research in education. It has since been learned that simple random assignment is often insufficient, and the number of student participants is not always the solution.

Random assignment continues to be the cornerstone of social, behavioral and education research on program effectiveness or efficacy, especially in applied settings such as schools.

This presentation will discuss features of modern applied cluster randomized trials in school-based settings and some of their intricacies that are still overlooked or misunderstood despite the past two decades in the spotlight.