MAP Academy faculty collaborate with scientists from a variety disciplines to help promote the design and implementation of methodologically sound research. Our combined backgrounds in statistics, research methods, psychology, and education gives us widespread expertise in the application of modern statistical methods and advanced research designs—allowing us to support a wide range of project needs.

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Pre-Award Services

MAP Academy faculty are available to collaborate in developing funding proposals. We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Specifying the overall study design
  • Crafting sampling and randomization plans
    • Conducting power analyses to inform sample size requirements and identify minimally detectable effect sizes
  • Informing data collection and data management procedures
  • Designing data analytic plans
  • Guiding plans for assessing intervention fidelity
  • Developing budget for post-award services

Post-Award Services

Our range of expertise allows us to contribute to funded research projects in variety of ways, depending on the needs of the project. These services include:

  • Instrument Development
    • Evaluating existing psychometric data to appraise the degree of reliability and validity evidence for existing instruments.
    • Supporting best practices for instrument development in areas such as item writing, general design, and administration.
    • Developing appropriate qualitative data collection protocols for the study design.
  • Data Management
    • Formatting paper-pencil response sheets for OMR (optical machine reader) and scanning completed forms for efficient data entry.
    • Creating Qualtrics surveys for online data collection.
    • Constructing customized data systems for individual projects.
  • Data Analysis
    • Performing descriptive and inferential analyses
    • Analytic methods may include, but are not limited to: general/generalized linear modeling, mixed modeling (i.e., multilevel or hierarchical linear modeling), latent variable modeling (e.g., structural equation modeling, item response theory, and factor analysis), and mediation and moderation analysis.
    • Using complex survey analysis methods to analyze data from large-scale national and international survey studies (e.g., ECLS, NAEP, PISA)
    • Conducting qualitative data analysis.
    • Guiding the integration procedures for mixed methods studies.
  • Dissemination
    • Creating appropriate visual data displays.
    • Collaborating on the preparation of manuscripts.

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