Spring 2024 Methodology Applications Series

Intelligent Personal Learning Assistants in Higher/Teacher Education
Justin Olmanson

Justin Olmanson

The MAP Academy invites you to the first presentation of the Spring 2024 Methodology Applications Series,
featuring Justin Olmanson, associate professor of innovative learning technologies in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education.

The theme of the 2023-24 Methodology Applications Series is “Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies to Advance Research and Methods.”

Friday, March 22, 2024 12:00-1:30 p.m. CDT Nebraska Union, Regency Suite

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While struggle and learning are tightly coupled, there is a difference between productive struggle for accomplishing learning aims and navigating the organizational novelty that comes with each domain, course, instructor and platform.

This presentation describes the design, development and use of an iPLA for a course titled, "TEAC 259: Instructional Technology for Educational and Clinical Contexts."


Date, Time & Location
Friday, March 22, 2024
12:00-1:30 P.M. (CDT)
Nebraska Union, Regency Suite

This presentation is free and open to the public.


Justin Olmanson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Innovative Learning Technologies

Justin Olmanson, Ph.D., is a associate professor of teaching, learning and teacher education. He designs education technologies that make new things possible, particularly creative and participatory literacies and language learning practices within multilingual K-12 contexts. He focuses on creating the conditions for ongoing, wide-ranging, open-ended community dialogue about education, learning and technology.

Olmanson studies ecologies of expression in and beyond K-12 classrooms, tracks how education technologies circulate within those contexts and collaboratively designs experiences that support new, personally meaningful, culturally relevant, heterogeneous, longitudinal learning experiences.

He earned his Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction–instructional technology from the University of Texas at Austin. He also earned Master of Education degrees in technology innovation and education from Harvard University, and a Master of Education in bilungual education-curriculum and instruction from the University of Houston.

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