The Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics (MAP Academy) will promote the advancement of sophisticated methodologies and analytics suitable for supporting and enhancing rigorous, substantive research within the educational, social and behavioral sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

About Us

The MAP Academy was born of, and will retain a primary alliance with, the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS). As an outgrowth of the CYFS Statistics and Research Methodology Unit, MAP will retain its conceptual and substantive integration with applied, field-relevant research, supporting the statistical and methodological needs associated with generating and translating new knowledge for natural settings.

MAP will specifically focus on (a) conducting research on methodology as an area of substantive inquiry; (b) providing high-quality research support and collaboration to investigative teams across UNL; and (c) delivering effective outreach to the university community through strategic seminars and workshops. MAP represents a strategic initiative to support and catapult UNL's research expenditure goals. With the initiation of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute, the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Initiative, the Nebraska Bullying Prevention and Intervention Initiative, and the Mental Health Disparities Initiative, among others, the university expects an influx of faculty with methodological needs across campus. Supporting this anticipated surge in research and grant-writing activity among the social, behavioral and education sciences will require a similar influx of faculty who can serve as effective methodology experts and collaborators – exactly the type of support MAP will provide.

The assembled MAP faculty collectively reflect expertise in all general areas of social, behavioral and education science methodologies, including research design, applied statistics, latent variable modeling, psychometrics, longitudinal research, program evaluation, mixed methods, and qualitative research. MAP aims to continue the success of the CYFS SRM Unit, which has helped the center accrue more than $43 million in funding since 2005.