Nebraska Methodology Applications

The Nebraska Methodology Applications series began in 2006 to provide local faculty and students with an opportunity to learn about innovative researchers from the greater Omaha-Lincoln area. These presentations are designed to serve as introductory tutorials for applying methodological approaches in different contexts.

The goal of the series is for scholars to learn new methodological techniques or the latest thinking about a methodological approach. The presentations are video recorded and made accessible online (below).

Upcoming Methodology Applications Training

Spring 2019:
Marc Goodrich
Friday, March 29, 2019 12:00-1:30 p.m. Nebraska Union, Georgian Suite

Addressing One Research Question Using Multiple Methodological Approaches

This presentation will focus on how different data analysis strategies can be used to approach the same research question or theory. Following one research question in particular, the presentation will demonstrate how both experimental and correlational designs can address the question, as well as unique information that can be obtained by using advanced data analysis techniques.

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Past Methodology Applications Training


Emerging Scholar Workshop

The Emerging Scholar Workshop series began in 2015 and is designed to introduce established scholars (i.e., faculty) and emerging scholars (i.e., graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) to a wide range of methodological topics and tools.

The series provides three opportunities for emerging scholars to interact directly with the speakers: a research talk, a workshop, and a mentoring session.

  • The research talk focuses on the speaker’s current research, which may or may not be related to the topic of the workshop.
  • The workshop is split into two parts. The first half provides an introduction to the specific methodological topic and the second half is a hands-on session where participants apply these methods to real data using software—with the help of the speaker.
  • The mentoring session—which generally follows the workshop—allows emerging scholars to have an open discussion with the speaker on a variety of topics, including professional development and career advice.
While the research talk and workshop are open to all scholars, the mentoring session is for emerging scholars only. Due to the hands-on nature of the workshop and mentoring session, these portions are not video recorded. Workshop materials are only available to registered participants.

Upcoming Emerging Scholar Workshops

Spring 2019
Tim Guetterman University of Michigan
March 7-8, 2019 Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center — Unity Room(212)

Training and Assessing Communication Skills Using Virtual Human Technology: A Mixed Methods Investigation

This presentation describes a long-term, mixed methods investigation to explore, test and evaluate virtual human technology for its potential to enhance training and assessment of health communication skills.

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Past Emerging Scholar Workshops

  • Psychometrician with an Interest in the Relation between Quantitative Research Methods and Philosophy of Science
  • Generalized Linear Model
    • Stefany Coxe, Ph.D., Florida International University


Nebraska Methodology Workshop

The Nebraska Methodology Workshop series began in 2014 and was created to provide Nebraska scholars an opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in methodology directly from the methodologists who developed these advancements. While the series covers a wide range of topics, all speakers are world-renowned experts in their respective methodological areas.

The length and format of the workshops vary by speaker. To ensure every scholar in the audience has the background necessary to understand the material being presented, each workshop begins with an introduction to the topic and then builds to more complex material. The workshop ends with a keynote presentation that highlights the speaker’s latest work on the topic. Empirical examples and sample statistical software code/output are often provided by the speaker.

Each Nebraska Methodology Workshop is video recorded and made accessible online for those who register for the workshop. Videos and materials are made available to non-registrants 12 months after the workshop date.

Upcoming Nebraska Methodology Workshops

2018: TBD

Past Nebraska Methodology Workshops